bessiean/bessie bisexual information!

a bessiean/bessie bisexual is a black person who is both bisexual and sapphic (wlw/nbylw)! the term comes from the african american jazz singer bessie smith, who was bisexual and was a strong advocate for wider visions of black womanhood.
bisexual sapphics have often faced large scale erasure and are often seen as less sapphic due to attraction to men. black bisexual sapphics are especially underrepresented and frowned in today's society, facing struggles such as biphobia, misogyny, and antiblack racism. the bessiean/bessie bisexual label is meant to be an exclusive space for all black bisexual sapphics.

this is the official bessiean/bessie bisexual flag! here are the color meanings, from top to bottom!

dark pink - blackness
pink - diverse relationships with gender amongst bisexual sapphics
light purple - love and passion
dark purple - loving women and nby people
blue - empowerment
double moons - bisexuality

who coined this term?
@valorcavern_ on twitter!

can nonblack poc use this term?
no. this is only for black people.

can i use this if i'm bisexual but not sapphic/sapphic but not bisexual?
no. only people who are black, bisexual, and sapphic/wlw/nbylw can use this.

i'm mixed with black, can i use this term?
you may use this term as long as you look black.

is anyone not welcome to use this term?
amongst people who don't meet all three criteria for using this term, this term is not for maps/pedophiles, terfs/radfems, radinclus, transmeds, aroace exclusionists, battleaxe bisexuals, or lolicons/shotacons/kodocons.

can i use the flag but not the term or vice versa?
yes! whatever makes you comfortable!